Why outdoor LED digital billboard advertising?

LED digital billboard technology has revolutionized the out-of-home (OOH) media industry. There are many reasons to go digital—

  • You get noticed – Compared to other advertising mediums, OOH media is more effective at achieving the goal of brand recognition.
  • Experience high-impact, memorable exposure — LED digital technology offers vivid, realistic image quality that makes your message standout.
  • More cost-effective than traditional billboards – Change your message as often as you want with no production or installation charges.
  • Increased R.O.I. – Highly targeted and monitored, digital advertising is bottom-line friendly.

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Why choose to advertise with Cincy Digital?

Cincy Digital offers high-impact, leading-edge LED digital billboards that are designed to catch the attention of your target audience, build your brand, and, ultimately increase your bottom line. In addition to the best location in the Cincinnati metro market, our digital billboards offer:

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Outstanding Resolution and Visibility

  • The widest color palette —144 quadrillion colors capability—ensures the ability to digitally produce in endless possibilities and every line is full-color line resolution
  • Superior image resolution with a pixel pitch suitable for long-distance viewing
  • Newer, brighter LED technology offer higher display contrast while color consistency techniques provide uniform intensities
  • Remarkable LED pixel layout
  • Maintaining proper brightness is achieved with automatic, scheduled and manual dimming capabilities that ensure flawless picture quality
  • Streaming live data and content from your website or social media in real time, is easy

Excellent Readability, Near or Far

  • A patented louver design provides a consistent contrast across the entire display face producing razor-sharp image contrast while masking module-to-module seams
  • Unique pixel arrangement technology offers high contrast and increased readability of message
  • High levels of display contrast achieve optimal picture quality, day or night

Getting started is easy!

The process of developing the graphics takes less than five days! All we need is your creative digital files.

Digital Billboards Work

Arbitron research found that:

  • Nine out of 10 people notice the advertising copy on digital billboards
  • Public reaction to digital signage is positive
  • Digital billboards are an effective advertising platform that drive travelers to local business
  • Ads on the digital screens benefit other media

According to a 2007 Digital Out-of-Home Media Awareness & Attitude Study:

  • 45% percent of adults said that they pay attention to digital signage
  • 63% of adults say that digital signage catches their attention
  • Digital signage is more positively rated than any other media
  • Awareness of digital signage advertising is high
  • Digital signage advertising intercepts people throughout their daily routines
  • People rate advertising on digital signage more positively than other media Digital signage advertising is effective in driving action

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Cincy Digital LLC is a locally owned OOH media firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Utilizing state-of-the-art, patented LED technology, we deliver high-impact outdoor advertising that is easy, efficient and effective. Our digital billboards are located on I-71 near Cincinnati's most affluent suburbs and retail centers.

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